Episode 52: EverCrack w/ Phillip Markle

Video games can get very real. Throw a bunch of people into an online, give them the power to shoot magic out of their hands and you're due for some crazy shit to start happening. This weeks guest, Philip Markle walked us through his own experiences as a Wizard. Through a little ingenuity and planning, became powerful, managed to exploit the game of EverQuest and forced the games creators to acknowledge his greatness (through a spectacular Nerf)

Philip Markle is the Executive Director of Annoyance Theater NY, and a professional actor, improviser, and teacher. In Chicago, Philip trained, produced and performed with theaters such as The Annoyance, iO, Second City Theatricals, Baby Wants Candy and studied with teachers such as Mick Napier, Susan Messing, Rich Sohn, and Joe Bill. He works in NY now as the NY Director of Education for the Annoyance’s improv classes in Brooklyn. He is a proud member of the Story Pirates. Philip loves musical improv and is the Creator/Producer of the show Happy Karaoke Fun Time! which currently runs on the 3rd and 4th Friday of every month at 11 PM at the PIT. Philip also performs on the PIT music improv house team Royals every Friday at 8. Philip wrote and performed his one-man show Sparkle Hour! in the 2013 International NY Fringe Festival and at The Annoyance